Design Criteria

Design Criteria

The treatment process is designed on the basis of the influent characteristics and effluent requirements listed below. Design flows and loadings were developed in detail in the Preliminary Engineering Study... Read more

Collection System

Collection System

The Fountain Sanitation District owns, operates and maintains approximately 80 miles of sanitary main lines throughout the District, including 3 pumping stations. Main lines range in size from 8" serving... Read more



{pdf=|1100|700}                   Read more

Treatment Facility

Treatment Facility

This summarizes key elements of the treatment process, equipment selection and facility layout. The treatment facility uses the extended aeration activated sludge process. Unit processes include: Read more

Developer Guide

Developer Guide

Items required before commencement of construction, Pre-Construction Requirements, and Post-Construction Requirements.  Items Required Before Commencement of Sanitary Construction: Three (3) copies of approved construction documents. Confirmation of required pre-construction submittals to include SPIA... Read more

Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms

Click the links below to download. Developer Guide Petition for Inclusion As-built Submittal Guide Waste Water Discharge Questionnaire Subdivision Public Improvement Agreement Bill of Sale and Agreement Specifications and Regulations Manual Tap Fee Application Construction Drawing General Notes FSD Signature... Read more

Design Data

Design Data

Treatment Design Data Read more

Specifications and Regulations Manual

Specifications and Regulations Manual

Download the Specifications and regulations manual here. Section   Description TOC Table of Contents Updated May 9, 2018 Part A Sewer Use Regulations Part B Design Criteria and Construction Specifications- Wastewater Collection System Standard Specifications Updated May 9, 2018 Part C Design... Read more

Important Information

COVID-19 Emergency Flush Notice

 DO NOT flush wipes of any kind down toilets and drains

The Fountain Sanitation District would again like to remind residents of our community, DO NOT flush wipes of any kind down toilets and drains. Please dispose of used wipes in the trash.

There is much anxiety over the COVID-19 in our community, county, and the world. The District is highly aware of the current panic over toilet paper. Rest assured, the District is fully staffed at both wastewater treatment facilities and are ready to handle the expected increase in toilet paper. However, the facilities are not designed to handle wipes, rags, latex gloves, etc. of any kind and we are seeing a significant increase of these items.

The District would like to remind the community that just because the packaging on disposable wipes state, “flushable,” it does not mean they are degradable. The so called “flushable” wipes do not break down as they travel through the sewer collection line on the way to the treatment facilities. Toilet paper is specifically designed to breakdown as it travels.

The fibrous material in wipes get caught up on the smallest things, starts to collect and eventually can create a significant back-up in the sewer collection system. We are seeing the same type of problems at the District’s wastewater pump stations. The pumps were not designed to pass large volumes of wipes, rags, latex gloves, etc. which clog the internal parts, and eventually lead to an overabundance of labor and costly repairs.

Several of our community members also have an internal “mini” sanitary pump station inside their home which is a private system that pumps wastewater up to the District’s main sewer line in the street or easement. If a blockage occurs on a private system, the property owner is responsible for those repairs.

Please call the District should you have any questions about what should and should not be used.

Specs and Regs Manual Updated

New Specs and Regs Manual updates were adopted on May 9, 2018. Click here to download.

Sanitary Sewer Backup and Drain Policy

It is policy of the Fountain Sanitation District concerning sanitary sewer and drain backups that any and all claims arising from sanitary sewer and drain backups will be denied unless there is proven negligence on the part of the District.

Recommended Backup Guidelines

Sewer Backups


In the event that you should have a sanitary sewer emergency after hours and need to contact someone immediately, please call the main number for the District offices at 382-5303, phones are transferred to the after-hours personnel on call. In the event the on call personnel cannot be reached, please call the City of Fountain Police Department at 382-8555. They will be able to reach the next available personnel on call.

Don't Flush

This information is provided courtesy of the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool.Find more information online at

Here is a list of things you should avoid washing down your drain, sink, or toilet. Everything here has  reportedly been found in municipal sewer systems at one point or another!

Don't Flush

Always use your best judgment when washing things down a drain. Avoid flushing fatty, oily, greasy or sticky substances that might clog your service line.

Consult your insurance, plumbing, and sanitation utility professionals for additional information.

Just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean you should flush it!

Biodegradable’ products don’t degrade fast enough for you to flush! They should go in the garbage and will degrade at the landfill.

Use boiling water or dish detergents like Dawn® to help degrease your pipes and prevent blockages from forming.

Don’t buy the hype! ‘Disposable’ tampons and personal wipes should not be flushed! They are prime culprits in large blockages.



District Office Temporarily CLOSED

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020

The FSD Administration Office will be temporarily closed in response to the latest COVID 19 pandemic directive issued by Governor Polis on March 22, 2020.

Most District staff will be working remotely continuing to serve the community. The office will re-open once we receive official notification from Governor Polis that normal office functions can resume. This is tentatively scheduled for April 6, 2020 and is subject to change.

The District office is staffed to respond to public emergencies. Please ring the bell at the front entrance should you require any emergency assistance.

If there is no one available, please call the main office number at (719) 382-5303 and the on-call personnel will respond.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding,

FSD Management and Administrative Team

Jim Heckman, District Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.