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Fountain Sanitation District was formed in 1955 to serve the rural agricultural area called Town of Fountain. In those years, sewage wastes were disposed of through individual cesspools and septic tanks. Some farsighted citizens recognized that the community could not grow under those limiting conditions and the District initially provided wastewater treatment with a two cell lagoon system. Lagoon cells were expanded to six and mechanical aeration was added in the late 70’s.

Plans for the new Fountain Sanitation District Treatment Plant were first proposed in the mid 80's. The formal process began in 1995. In May of 1996, the citizens of Fountain Sanitation District voted to fund partial construction costs for the plant.

The $3.6 million mechanical treatment facility went on line in July 1998. Forty seven percent of the construction costs were funded through a 20-year revolving loan fund. The loan was paid in full 12-years early saving the District taxpayers a significant amount in interest costs. The existing treatment plant underwent a second extensive upgrade to its operations in 2007 in order to meet the new demands of the community and increased receiving water requirements. The $1.2 million capacity expansion was completed with construction costs fully paid by Fountain Sanitation District reserve funds.

The Fountain Sanitation District Treatment Facility uses the same treatment principles that occur naturally in lakes and streams. Ideal conditions are engineered into a treatment plan so that the natural processes are greatly accelerated and controlled. A well designed and operated treatment plant performing within its design limits should remove 90% or better of the pollutants in the wastewater.

Projections for the loading on the existing FSD WWTF indicate that additional wastewater management capability will be required in the near future, now projected for late 2013-2014. The existing FSD WWTF site/property cannot support a WWTF of a size sufficient for build-out of the District's service area. Rather than provide improvements at this site on a phased basis with replacement at another site at some point in the future, the District has elected to proceed with the Lower Fountain Metropolitan Sewage Disposal District (LFMSDD) for implementation of a regional WWTF. The District was one of the founding members of the LFMSDD.

In May of 2008, the LFMSDD Board named the regional facility after one of the founding members of the Board, Harold D. Thompson, who is currently still a seating member. Construction of the Harold D. Thompson Regional Water Reclamation Facility commenced in May of 2010 with a design capacity to treat 2.5 million gallons daily. Project completion schedule for an operational plant is late 2012 at a cost of 17.9 million.

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