Don't Flush

This information is provided courtesy of the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool.Find more information online at

Here is a list of things you should avoid washing down your drain, sink, or toilet. Everything here has  reportedly been found in municipal sewer systems at one point or another! 


Acid Cosmetics Identification Cards Remote Controls
Air Fresheners Cotton Balls Insects Rice
Automobile Fluids Cotton Swabs Jewelry Rocks 
Automobile Parts Condoms Keys Rubber Bands & Balloons
Bacon Grease Cooked Meat Drippings Kitchen Grease Salad Dressing 
Baked Goods Cooking Oil Lard Sanitary Pads 
Bandages Diapers Lawn Mower Engines Shoes 
Barbecue Sauce Diseased Pets Light Bulbs  Solvents 
Batteries Dental Appliances Mayonnaise Sour Cream 
Body parts Dental Floss Metal Objects  Small Appliances 
Bones Egg Shells Money  Sponges 
Books Explosives Naptha  Sporting Goods 
Bras Eyeglasses Oatmeal and Porridge  Styrofoam 
Bread Dough Facial Tissue Over the Counter  Syringes 
Building Supplies Fat, Oil, or Grease Drugs  Tampons & Applicators 
Butter Fertilizer Paint  Teeth 
Cake Frosting Fireworks Paint Thinner  Tools 
Candles Flammable Liquids Paper  Toothbrushes 
Cement Fruit Paper Towels  Toothpaste 
Cell Phones Food Solids Perfume and Bottles  Toys 
Cheese Gasoline Pesticides  Upholstery 
Cigarettes and Butts Glue Photographs  Vegetables 
Cleaning Supplies Gravy Plastic  Watches 
Clothing Guns Poison  Wet Wipes 
Coffee Filters Hair and Fur Powders   
Coffee Grounds Hair Brushes Prescription Drugs   
Compact Discs Houseplants Putties   
Coals and Ash Hunting Decoys Rags   


Always use your best judgment when washing things down a drain. Avoid flushing fatty, oily, greasy or sticky substances that might clog your service line. Consult your insurance, plumbing, and sanitation utility professionals for additional information. Just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean you should flush it! Biodegradable’ products don’t degrade fast enough for you to flush! They should go in the garbage and will degrade at the landfill. Use boiling water or dish detergents like Dawn® to help degrease your pipes and prevent blockages from forming. Don’t buy the hype! ‘Disposable’ tampons and personal wipes should not be flushed! They are prime culprits in large blockages..